Make more contacts at trade shows with this innovative way of presenting your products


Trade show visitors need to decide quickly.

In most cases, the decision is made subconsciously during a fleeting glance at the stand and your product presentation. It’s the first impression that counts – an eye-catcher that captivates passers-by or a presentation that arouses interest, curiosity and astonishment!

Our products are designed for exactly these moments and the introductory discussion that follows. With hologram projectors from MAGIC HOLO you get a lot more than just greater attention for your product presentation – they are also the ideal way to initiate the perfect sales pitch!

A 3D hologram of your product provides a whole lot more than information – it also fascinates visitors and awakens their enthusiasm!

  • More potential customers at your trade show stand
  • Easier to introduce or sell your product to visitors
  • More contacts, more sales conversations
  • Positive image effect with customers
  • Greater attention for your event stand
  • Visitors have a lasting memory of your products
MAGIC HOLO holographic displays are guaranteed to attract more trade show visitors to your stand!
Holografisches Display
Create a real eye-catcher. Combine your real products with a 3D hologram. Really show visitors what your product has to offer.
Present yourself and your products in a unique way.

Attract attention to your trade show stand!

Do you have a professionally designed trade show stand? And are you ideally prepared for your visitors’ questions?

But, how do you get those potential customers to stop and take a closer look at what you have to offer?

A 3D hologram of your product arouses visitors’ interest and attracts the astonished looks of everyone who walks by, making it easier to get talking to potential customers and present your product in a fascinating way. Visitors are guaranteed to remember you!

Three-dimensional product presentations using holograms

Holographic displays from MAGIC HOLO are available:

  • To hire or purchase
  • Individually adapted to your CI
  • As an all-in-one package, including hologram development
  • In various sizes
You can hire holographic displays for as little as 245 euros per day!

Questions. Information. Offers. We will be happy to advise you.

Matthias Mangold Ansprechparter MAGIC HOLO

Matthias Mangold

Managing Director

Tel: +49 6132 899 04 210


Customer testimonials

“It worked”

This year at the ACHEMA we used holography as an eyecatcher for the first time. Our aim was to present a complex process in an appealing and understandable way. The impact was the same every day – visitors to the event stopped in their tracks to watch the 3D hologram, enabling our sales team to begin direct conversations and generate new leads. It worked a treat.

Ursula P. S+C

“Really good service”

We used to explain our new products at trade shows with the help of films. However, over the last few years it had become more and more difficult to get people’s attention with that method. We were on the lookout for something completely different when our stand builder gave us the tip with the 3D projectors. At the showroom, Mr. Mangold demonstrated the various options open to us with holograms, helped us create a storyboard and developed our 3D hologram together with his team. Really good service, right from the start. We wish to thank the team.

Martin M. Bosch

“Eyecatcher found”

For a joint project with “Ein Herz für Kinder” we were looking for an eyecatcher to help us get as much attention as possible at various events. These holographic displays were just the eyecatcher we had been looking for. Again and again, our guests told us they had never seen a presentation anything like it. In a nutshell, I can only say that the number of talks and amount of feedback greatly surpassed our expectations.

Armin W. Telekom