hologram projector – WACOM presents Bamboo Spark

When two innovations meet – WACOM presents the new Bamboo Spark at the IFA using a hologram projector from Magic Holo

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) – or Berlin Radio Show, as it is also known – attracts a broad audience of technical professionals to Berlin with its range of the latest developments in the field of consumer electronics. The IFA is regarded as the absolute highlight in the world of electronics and has always served as a stage for the presentation of groundbreaking worldwide innovations. Both established manufacturers and young start-up companies are among those represented with their exciting latest developments in the trade fair buildings below the Funkturm Berlin, or Berlin Radio Tower. Among them was WACOM, an equally innovative, creative company, which manufactures pen displays, pen tablets, stylus input pens, mobile accessories and software apps.

The Bamboo Spark makes it possible to digitally save handwritten notes.

At this year’s IFA, WACOM aroused a great deal of attention with its Bamboo Spark, a highly innovative product that is delighting creative and practical people alike. The smart folio with its smart ballpoint pen and notepad enables the user to digitally save handwritten notes either locally or within the cloud. This means that not only can the notes be accessed from anywhere, they can also be easily archived and edited. The great thing is that any conventional notepad is suitable for use with the Bamboo Spark. Just note down your thoughts and ideas and then press a button – and the notes are digitally archived. That’s how simple and simultaneously effective technology can be.

WACOM is deploying hologram projectors as a trendsetting form of presentation.

The meeting of the Bamboo Spark by WACOM and the hologram projector from Magic Holo is the coming together of two technological innovations that were simply made for each other. These two creations both manage to equally amaze their audiences – and point the way forward to the future of technology. WACOM recognized this commonality and exploited it to the full at the IFA. WACOM decided for a hologram projector from Magic Holo to present its innovative Bamboo Spark product in an equally innovative way.

A made-to-measure 3D hologram made the Bamboo Spark an interactive eyecatcher.

For the Magic Holo creative team, the Bamboo Spark was a gift and a challenge at the same time. On the one hand, it was virtually predestined for a presentation with a hologram projector, but on the other hand, such an incredibly innovative product demanded the entire skill of the team.

The first step was to create a suitable storyboard, which was developed by a team of 3D and motion designers who implemented the hologram with spectacular effects and coordinated everything specially to suit the selected hologram projector. A unique 3D hologram was created, which, together with the hologram projector, became the greatest eyecatcher and public attraction at the IFA.

 Scored points with innumerable advantages

The presentation of the Bamboo Spark at the IFA using a hologram projector was a resounding success and attracted a great number of visitors to the WACOM stand. Magic Holo put its entire expertise into making this project a success and delivered a more than convincing product in every way.

All of the USPs were made easily understandable for the customers and spectacularly visualized in 3D – from the first line on the paper to the digitization of the drawing and the synchronization with the WACOM Cloud, the sharing and the editing via various end devices such as tablets, notebooks, Macs, and PCs, right up to the finished product. The entire process – from the initial idea to the finished product – was implemented holographically and three-dimensionally. The Magic Holo team therefore managed to create an absolutely top-class presentation that really did justice to the customer’s product.

hologram projector XL2

The Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector

With a width of 1.17 meters, the Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector is not only ideal for integration in a stand design, it is also a great solution as a freestanding pillar. The system is therefore highly suitable for use at trade fairs.

The interior of the Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector has sufficient space for real objects up to 24 cm high. These objects can be breathtakingly displayed and merge impressively with the individually made-to-measure 3D hologram. Light and sound effects round off the presentation and create a unique interaction that opens up completely new dimensions in the world of product presentation. The products not only become incredible eyecatchers that arouse an outstanding level of attention, the system makes it possible to explain all the advantages of each product in a simple, straightforward way. When it comes to achieving optimal results, the size of the hologram projector depends on the customer’s product. The Magic Holo team therefore decided to use the Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector to present the Bamboo Spark.

In order to perfectly round off the presentation experience, the hologram projector was completely branded with the customer’s CI/CD. The hologram projector is normally black, but for the IFA it was completely covered in a white foil and accentuated with graphics that matched the stand design. The result was a comprehensive, uniform presentation and the hologram projector was seamlessly integrated in the complete design.

Hologram projector – eyecatcher – magnet for visitors

The deployment of the hologram projector at the IFA was a thorough success and delighted not only WACOM as customer of Magic Holo, but also the many visitors to the trade fair. They were incredibly impressed by the way the Bamboo Spark was presented using 3D hologram technology. The reactions of the visitors and the stand personnel at the IFA speak for themselves and are clear affirmation of this creative approach.

Together with the hologram projection, the three-minute hologram was the perfect eyecatcher at the trade fair. The visitor response was extremely positive and surpassed all expectations. The unique visual appearance of the hologram captivated practically everyone who walked by the WACOM trade fair stand and was a continual cause of astonishment. The great many visitors who made videos and shared them on various social networks is clear proof of the amazing level of fascination caused by this 3D hologram.

However, the presentation of the Bamboo Spark using a hologram projector was not only an eyecatcher that created a lot of attention, above all it also guaranteed that visitors understood the benefits of the product on display. Apart from its attention-grabbing quality, this striking, easy-to-grasp, and highly innovative method of displaying complex technical concepts is another great advantage of deploying hologram projectors. Overall, this strategy ensured a high number of interested visitors, numerous new contacts, lots of personal consultations, and extremely positive customer feedback.

WACOM sums it up: “A great eyecatcher – it worked brilliantly.”


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