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The world novelty

Dreamoc Diamond in use

3D projection is new. 3D projection is fascinating!
The DREAMOC DIAMOND gives you an all-round view of your product. The 3D projection surrounds your product with a spectacular hologram. Due to the large holographic interior, this system is suitable for holographic 3D projections to stage large objects such as engines, suitcases or other technical products.
3D projection for trade fairs, events, POS or showroom
The Dreamoc Diamond is the world’s largest diamond-shaped holographic system. Completely newly developed, it acts as a crowd puller and eye catcher due to the realistic 3D projection.
Fair & Airport
The DREAMOC DIAMOND is the eye-catcher. Excellent for use in high-traffic areas such as trade shows, shopping malls or airports – wherever you want to showcase your products.

Outstanding at the trade fair

The 3D projection is absolutely impressive. For watches and jewelry, the exclusive shape of the diamond is optimal. Even during the set-up, the feedback was extremely good – at the trade fair, it was outstanding. We had hoped for this but did not imagine it to be so good.

Daniel Dietrich

Holo display for research

Basic research, applied research and research projects.

Whether we reach for the stars or penetrate into fractals. Publishing the latest scientific findings and making them accessible to the world – that is the goal of any scientific work. Often, connections are difficult to present and difficult for listeners to comprehend. Animations often help here to find a new and also vivid access to processes and procedures. Fascinating topics presented in a fascinating way – this is made possible above all by holography!

Who says that science and research have to seem dry as dust? Provide your audience with insights and experiences of a special kind!

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Dreamoc Diamond – Buy or rent


79.100,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD


from 7.850,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD
⊕ Support & Logistik durch Magic Holo Team

Hologram display for luxury watches

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – Marilyn Monroe

Not only since this song we know that jewelry is more than pure geometry. “Pearls mean tears” as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing already felt. So the requirement for a presentation should be: to capture the fire of gemstones, to highlight the purity of elements such as gold and silver, and to reflect the very imperishability.

This is precisely where staging plays a particularly important role. Through 3D projection, special emotional accents can be set here and the beauty of individual objects can be emphasized “up close”.

Our selection

The 3D projections in size comparison

From 4 sides, the discs angled at 45 degrees are fed with animations via the 4K UHD OLED monitor mounted from above, creating the holographic effect. The 360 degree 3D projection is visible from all sides, so the holographic effect can be fully appreciated.

Technical specifications Dreamoc Diamond

Size & Weight

Dimensions: 2,360 mm x 1,710 mm x 2,360 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: approx. 225 kg built up
Weight: Flightcase approx. 350 kg


Resolution: per page 2,897 x 2,048 px (UHD)
Sound: Yes, 19 watts per side
Use: optimized for 24/7
Power Input: 100-240V, 50 – 60 Hz
Video inputs: 1 x HDMI + 1 x micro SD
Video formats: H265 HEVC
Player: lockable
Screen: 4K UHD OLED Screen

Freedom for creativity

Embed 3D holograms
Combine real objects with holograms
High tolerance for ambient light
Bright and sharp picture quality thanks to 4K UHD
Easy exchange of the real objects

Impressions Dreamoc 3D

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