Experience DREAMOC HD3 live

Hologram technology – simply fascinating!

Our super space-saver – the key feature of the DREAMOC HD3 is its compact design, which makes it a highly flexible solution. Not too small, but takes up very little space. A perfect way of presenting your products – either integrated in a structural concept or as a free-standing pillar.

POS, image, events

Whether you buy it or hire it – the DREAMOC HD3 will definitely convince your customers and the hologram technology makes it a genuine eyecatcher!

Delight your customers at the POS or fascinate your visitors right at the entrance hall with the special features of your products.


Are you looking to present your products in a very special way? Do you want to keep one step ahead of your competitors? Real objects up to 12 cm high fit into the DREAMOC HD3. It therefore leaves enough space to allow the holographic display to unfold its magic and surround your product.

    “The impact of the hologram technology totally fascinated me, right from the first moment. Even when watching the demonstration, I began getting spontaneous ideas about how we as a company could use this technology at the POS and how we could best present our products. And it turned out to be true – the feedback we received from customers and business partners was thoroughly positive without exception. We would never have hit on the idea to present our quality attributes in this particular way. Simply impressive!”
    Jürgen Schmidt, children’s book publisher

    Hologram technology and pharma

    Molecules, viruses, DNA strands, ingredients, and preparations

    A challenge for every marketing expert – and not only as Health Care Marketing Manager: How to present the benefits of a product impressively, prepare it for easy comprehension and implement it to make it both exciting and perceptible.

    This is exactly where hologram technology shows its strengths, by making 3-dimensional correlations perceptible to the viewer.