The Playmobil hologram “Playmogram 3D” is new on the German toy market.

What can the Playmobil hologram do? What does it cost? And where can I buy Playmogram 3D? We have written a short product presentation for you and also asked the most junior member of the Magic Holo team to produce an unboxing video.

Playmogram 3d

Playmobil is following the hologram trend and has become the first company to market the small holograms especially designed for kids.

The sets are available for around eight euros each and apart from the centerpiece, a small, four-sided holography pyramid made of plastic, they always include a toy figure with accessories and the corresponding smartphone app.

There are two series of Playmobil holograms – one all about ghostbusters and the other about princesses.

How to get started …

Just download the “Playmogram 3D” app from the IOS App Store or the Android Playstore, assemble the holography pyramid and place it on the smartphone so that the ghost or the princess can be seen in the holography pyramid as a mini hologram.

Playmobil-hologram Playmogram 3D App

The Playmogram 3D app is for both the ghostbuster and the princess at the same time – so you don’t need to download two apps

Playmobil Playmogram ghost trap

The holography pyramid as a ghost trap – together with a Playmobil ghostbuster


The complete Playmobil hologram set – Playmogram 3D – a ghostbuster at work

Here we go.

Unboxing, assembly, and testing – playing with the Playmobil hologram

Since the senior members of the Magic Holo team are responsible for the big holograms, we got ourselves some support for the small Playmobil holograms from Jake (8 years old), our budding blogger and hologram kids expert. He has produced a small Playmogram 3D unboxing video for your benefit, which we want to show you here.

Where can I buy Playmobil holograms?

Basically, the Playmobil Playmogram 3D series is now available everywhere via Amazon, other online retailers, or from conventional stores. Remarkably, prices vary between 7 and 12 euros. The holograms can be bought at the lowest price from retail stores such as REAL or Müller.

Conclusion:  “At €7.99 the price is right and it’s a great toy for children that helps them understand the basics of holography.”

A great buy if you’re looking for a small present. In terms of holographic quality, Playmobil has created the best possible solution on a small scale. To sum up, it’s good value for money. Great technical approach – fascinating concept!

Have you ever seen professional holograms? Meaning Playmobil “Playmogram 3D” in supersize?

Here you can find all the Holo systems available for professional use.


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