HyperVSN Wall

The hologram wall – The eye catcher

The holograms seem to float freely in front of the holo wall

HyperVSN Wall. Inspire with the hologram wall from Magic Holo at trade fairs, big events or functions. Fascinate your target group today with a sophisticated, holographic product staging that many previously thought was a dream of the future. Rent or buy the guaranteed eye-catcher now. Experience the HyperVSN Wall live in our showroom!

HyperVSN Wall. The hologram wall live at the fair.

What does a hologram look like?
Butterflies, fire, water – is that possible?

HyperVSN Wall. The hologram wall live at the fair.

Sound on, ready to be amazed?
20 of our holograms in one movie.

The magic attraction for events or trade fairs.
Turn your booth into a crowd puller: Holograms are visible even from great distances and arouse curiosity and fascination. We emotionalize your products and make a statement in innovation with the HyperVSN WALL.
More contacts. More leads. More turnover.
Set yourself apart from competitors and make it easier for your sales team to start conversations with potential customers – holograms turn your stand into a captivating eye-catcher. A WOW effect that just invites conversations.
We invite you – to the MAGIC HOLO showroom.
On the website you can already get the first impressions of the Hypervsn WALL our hologram wall. The fascination you feel when you stand directly in front of the system can only be rudimentarily experienced through videos and photos. Therefore, in holography, it is enormously important to experience it LIVE to fully capture the actual 3D effect.
For this reason, we have built a completely new showroom in Ingelheim near Mainz. Here you can see all the systems in real life and discuss initial ideas with our experts. Ask us, we will be happy to reserve an appointment for you.

Absolutely impressive!

The Hypervsn WALL is absolutely impressive. The customer sees the floating holograms and is automatically directed to the presentation. An insanely great way to present products and companies – with outstanding radiance and extreme long-distance effect.
A guaranteed crowd puller that stands out from the crowd and attracts attention.

Daniel Dietrich

Eyecatcher Next Generation

Floating logos and products.

Magic Holo’s holographic wall blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Implement ideas that you had not previously thought possible. Let logos, products and lettering seemingly float freely in front of the wall and use the advertising space for as many advertising messages as you want thanks to the holographic animation option.

There are hardly any limits to the magic.

Variable sizes – maximum flexibility for your wishes.

Whether used as a holographic ribbon to show trade show visitors the way to your booth, or as a presentation surface the size of a home theater screen, hologram walls come in many heights and widths. The hologram effect can simply always convince!

Our offers

Hypervsn Hologram Wall- Buy or Rent


from 23.250,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ Kombination mehrerer Module
⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ Aufbau durch MAGIC HOLO Team


from 4.500,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ Kombination mehrerer Module
⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD
⊕ Support & Logistik durch Magic Holo Team

The Hypervsn hologram wall at large events

The new lightness in retail.

Draw the attention of visitors to your product in a targeted manner. The staging option made possible by holography makes your product touchable and emotionally tangible.

The outstanding long-distance effect directs attention to the presentation of goods and for the visitor directly to the area. Beautiful, fantastic to stage becomes possible with the Hypervsn hologram wall.

Hypervsn Solo and Hypervsn Wall

The hologram fans in size comparison

The Hypervsn Wall consists of up to 200 hologram fans that can be connected in series or as a complete holographic wall. The special design also makes huge holographic surfaces possible.

The single hologram fan Hypervsn is 56 cm or 75cm tall and due to the extremely high long-distance effect ideally suited as an eye-catcher to replace posters, steles or monitors and to guide visitors specifically to individual exhibits or products.

Technical specifications of the Hypervsn Wall

Size & Weight

Dimensions: 56cm diameter per module
Weight: approx. 2.5 kg
Weight: Flightcase approx. 5 kg


Resolution: 640 x 640 pixel
Sound: Only via external speakers
Use: optimized for 24/7
Power Input: 100-240V, 50 – 60 Hz
Video inputs: content feed exclusively via CMS system
Video formats: mpeg4 + special content preparation
WLAN: built into the system
Projection surfaces (wings): 4 pieces

Freedom for creativity

Embed 3D holograms
Objects float quasi freely in space
High tolerance for ambient light
Bright and sharp image quality thanks to 4-fold projection
Easy exchange of content thanks to CMS (Content Management System)

Important information

Attachment: The systems must be mounted at a height of approx. 3 meters for safety reasons
Alternative: Lower installations are also possible, here the systems are installed behind an acrylic dome.

Impressions Hypervsn Hologram Fan

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