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Holographic Displays:
The innovative eye catcher

Holography is impressive, magical, three-dimensional – and makes unimagined, unique effects reality.

Our aim is to make a major contribution towards our customers achieving their communication targets using our fascinating product presentations. We gain the viewers’ attention, create the central eyecatcher, and convey all the important facts about our customer’s product almost unnoticed – using an incredibly innovative method.

It’s the magic that counts – that makes customers stop and stare – and arouses their interest in the products being displayed. This new type of magic is made possible by holography – exactly what we at MAGIC HOLO are offering you.

Mathias Mangold

Head of Innovation Magic Holo

Holograms – Like in Hollywood

Objects float freely in space.
We merge reality and fiction.

What does a hologram look like?

Schmetterlinge, Feuer, Wasser – geht sowas?

Sound on, ready to be amazed?

20 unserer Hologramme in einem Film.

Fascinating USP’S

Ideal for highlight presentations, attracts a high degree of attention
Particularly suitable for products, processes, and procedures that need a lot of explanation
Easily understandable, striking, and highly innovative method of presentation
Customers understand product benefits within a few seconds
Effect: longer residence times, offers easy entry into customer dialog and generates leads
Developed for the POS, trade fairs and events
Provides an element of surprise and has high recall value for the customer
Our offer

Our holography pyramids – simply rent or buy


Our “space miracle”, the DREAMOC HD3 impresses above all with its compact design and is therefore highly flexible. Not too small and yet space-saving. Perfect for putting your products in the limelight – either integrated into a structural concept or as a free-standing column.


It doesn’t matter whether you rent our Projektro DREAMOC XL5 hologram conveniently or buy it directly – with a width of 1.04 m, this holography system is perfect for integration into a design or can also be used as a free-standing column. This system is therefore particularly suitable for use at trade fairs.


The real products that can be presented inside the DREAMOC 180 XXL pyramid can be 45 cm tall. Added to this is the magic of the surrounding hologram. Real object meets magic! Our favorite phenomenon: passers-by stop and enthusiastically make videos of the hologram.


With this size, it’s no wonder – the DREAMOC 360 XXL quickly becomes a magnet for visitors and the focus of every presentation simply because of its size. Thanks to its 360 degree display, it is almost perfect for standing freely in the room.


The DREAMOC DIAMOND gives you an all-round view of your product. The 3D projection surrounds your product with a spectacular hologram. Due to the large holographic interior, this system is suitable for holographic 3D projections to stage large objects such as engines, suitcases or other technical products.


Depending on what you intend to do with the holographic displays, other options such as playback computers, stands and flight cases make sense. A perfect performance, perfect optics in your own CI/CD or safe transport – you are in the best possible position.


Simply generate a long-distance effect


Inspire with the hologram wall from Magic Holo at trade fairs, big events or functions. Fascinate your target group today with a sophisticated, holographic product staging that many previously thought was a dream of the future. Rent or buy the guaranteed eye-catcher now. Experience the HyperVSN Wall live in our showroom!


The Hypervsn hologram fan is the new holographic eye-catcher with an extreme long-distance effect. With us you can rent or buy individual hologram fans or entire hologram walls.


Individually according to your wishes


New and unseen. The Deep Frame is just as suitable for use at trade fairs or events as it is for integration into museums or exhibitions. If a topic is to be staged in a new way that will attract the public, the unique holographic 3D effect will generate enthusiasm.


Michael Jackson is back as a hologram on stage, Daimler presents the production of the future with a hologram show, FC Bayern Munich organizes the first holographic press conference. Stage holograms – the perfect eye-catcher for large crowds and special highlight products.

Our selection

The size comparison at a glance

A 45-degree angled disc is played with animations via the monitor placed on top and creates the holographic effect using hologram technology. The display is only closed at the back so that the holographic effect can be fully appreciated.

Our formula for success for you


Which size fits?
Rent or buy?
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Sie benötigen für Ihr Produkt eine holographische 3D Animation die begeistert? Fragen Sie uns!



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