Technical 3D animation

For product development, industry and mechanical engineering

Technical 3D animation – all advantages

The Magic Holo team specializes in technical 3D animation.

We realize technical animations for many renowned customers – from the conception phase to completion.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to quickly get to grips with technical issues and skilfully showcase the highlights of products – from individual components and machines to entire production plants.

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Daniel Dittrich

Head of Innovation Magic Holo

TECHNICAL 3D ANIMATION – helps companies & customers

The better technical content is prepared, the easier it is to understand products, their benefits and the USP’s.

Using technical 3D animation, machines, systems, processes and procedures can be presented in a visually impressive way. It is important to show the innovative power of a company and at the same time to visualize the benefits for the customer in a striking way.

Spectacular technical animations bring complex products to life.

Technical animations make details tangible and functions visible that remain hidden at first glance.

This is precisely what increases the interest of potential customers and differentiates one’s own products from the competition.

Your products are still in development?
Here it is important to start as early as possible with the pre-marketing of the products. Technical 3D animations make this possible.

They already show the customer what to expect. In the real estate sector, this pre-marketing is already common practice – more than 90% are pre-marketed – without being finally built . Only on the basis of 3D visualizations.

As an added benefit, we can also create a spectacular hologram from your 3D animation for trade shows or events.
We make complex issues understandable and explain why your products are better than those of the competition.


Understand product benefits more easily
Innovative presentation form
Stays in the mind of the customer
Shows hidden details
Positions company against the competition

Impressive technical animations of machines

Inside every machine, processes take place that remain invisible to the outside observer. Especially with complex processes, the imagination quickly reaches its limits. Contexts are often only understood in a very abstract way or not at all.

Using technical 3D animation, it is possible to visualize invisible process steps. Benefit from a multi-perspective view that is often impossible to realize with classic films: thanks to technical animation, you can break through surfaces with tracking shots and penetrate to the core components that are actually invisible to the viewer. Functional processes that require explanation are reduced in their complexity by means of 3D animations and illustrated to the viewer. Understanding and fascination for the processual sequences increase, the sense and purpose of the individual components emerge more quickly.

Technical 3D animations of machines and equipment impress: customers, employees and new customers.

Thank you for the great feedback.

Statements from our customers

Effects in technical 3D animation

Effects can lead to a better understanding of processes in 3D technical animation. For example, the particle animation of liquids can be used to indicate the flow direction and sequence of the process sequences, or colored highlights can be used to draw the viewer’s attention specifically to a section in the animation. Just contact us and we will provide you with ideas on how we can accommodate all the desired information in the animation.

Use the full potential with technical 3D animation from Magic Holo and understand facts faster!

How is a 3D medical animation created?
What is the workflow like?

5 steps to the perfect animation


Customer meeting and development of the creative concept


Storyboard creation


Consultation with specialist department and customers


Creation of 3D medical animation


Revision, optimization and rendering of the animation

Understand technical facts – implement 3D animation

Animation of components – spectacular and physically correct.

We make sure that our technical animations fully meet your requirements.

Feedback and input from our customers is extremely important to us – as no one knows the products better.
We know: Different points of view lead to the best results!
For more information about 3D animation creation please click here.

Fields of application of the animations:

Product presentation
TV advertising
Scientific publication
Trade journals
Assembly instruction
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