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We explain the advantages, show a comparison of the different hologram projectors, show application areas / videos and give helpful tips if what to look for when renting or buying a hologram projector.


A hologram projector is an innovative eye-catcher for trade fairs, events, innovation showrooms, flagship stores.

If there is a desire to stand out from the competition, present in a more innovative way and inspire customers, then a hologram projector is the right system that you will be very happy with.

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What hologram projectors are available? An overview.

We have divided them into 3 groups. Basic principle: The effect is always equally impressive with any hologram projector. A hologram which seems to float freely in space. Depending on the application and the product, there are projectors that are particularly suitable for creating an optimal effect.

These 3 types of projectors exist :

Single pane holograms



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Briefly summarized

The comparison: The differences of the hologram projectors.

When comparing the differences between the hologram projectors, one can quickly see that they are mainly due to the design. However, the projectors also differ in the available size, the viewing angle in which the hologram is visible and whether a combination of hologram projection with a real product, e.g. a bottle or a component is possible.

What hologram projectors are available? An overview.

We have divided them into 3 groups. Basic principle: The effect is always equally impressive with any hologram projector. A hologram which seems to float freely in space. Depending on the application and the product, there are projectors that are particularly suitable for creating an optimal effect.

This 3 types of projectors there are :

Single pane holograms

Hologram projectorfor special holograms


Visible from 1 side
Real product + hologram projection can be combined. For stronger product reference.
Available in 3 sizes. From 30 cm to 1.2 meters.
For products with complicated design.

Due to the design, the hologram projectors are also suitable for e.g. shelf or wall mounting.

Hologram pyramid

Hologram projector for up to 360 degree visibility.


Visible from 3-4 sides, depending on the model, for full 3D hologram effect
Real product + hologram projection can be combined. For stronger product reference.
Sound integrated
Innovative design
Available in 3 sizes. From 56cm to 2.8 meters.

Designed for trade shows and events where it is important to talk directly with customers. As they stop directly in front of the hologram projector.

Hologram rotor

Hologram projector for small but also extremely large holograms.


Single hologram projectors available in 56cm or 75cm.
The rotors can be flexibly combined. This makes hologram walls up to 5 x 10 meters possible by combining up to 200 units
For wall mounting or in the center of the booth
Wide range of accessories. Glass boxes, stands, wall mounts, etc.

Also developed for trade fairs and events, the rotors are also used in combination with a high-quality glass box in museums or exhibitions.. The hologram walls provide a special long-distance effect, which are used especially at large trade fairs.

Holo stages projection

Hologram projector for shows & press conferences


Holograms can be projected onto the chest around real people.
Real product + hologram + person / presenter can be combined. For stronger product reference.
Sizes from 5 – 20 meters possible
Important: For stage holograms, the lighting conditions must be planned very precisely – we are happy to help here.

The CEO should talk to himself as a hologram in the future or the music star should be brought on stage as a hologram? This is possible with the stage hologram projection.

What does a 3D hologram projector look like live in action?

3D Hologram Projector. Videos / Examples

The YouTube videos of our 3D hologram projectors show all systems live in action. It’s also exciting to see how fascinated the customers are.


The Magic Holo Showreel.

Experience magic. Selling emotions. All 3D hologram projectors in one video – lots of fun!


Hologram Wall. The eye catcher.

Great wall great effect.
The hologram seems to float freely in space


Hologram pyramid with real product in the middle.

Butterflies, fire, water – with effects that inspire customers.


Hologram stage. The Big Show.

Press conferences, moderations, shows. Innovative presentation with real products. The CEO as a hologram. A star in several places at once. Everything is possible.


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What is a 3D hologram projector?
A brief definition.

A 3D hologram projector is innovative hardware needed to make a hologram (software) appear to float freely in space. The hologram projector projects special holographic 3D animations, e.g. on rotating LEDs, special glass panes or foils. These elements become virtually invisible to the human eye, through various techniques.

The human eye perceives only the light in the air. The holographic effect is created.

What are the optimal areas of application?

Trade fairs, events, advertising in shop windows, at the POS, flagship stores or innovation showrooms. The areas of application are very versatile. It is important to note that there is no one right hologram projector. For every application and for every customer requirement there are projectors specially made for it.

At the trade show, there is often a demand for systems that are used directly at the edge of the stand . Customers then stop right there without having to enter the booth. This makes the first contact and the start of the conversation much easier. Hologram walls are also used at trade fairs and can be mounted high up on the stand.

For shop windows, especially the light intensity is decisive. Small, compact systems are in demand at the POS.

Please feel free to ask us – we are happy to help!

In what sizes are hologram projectors available?

Hologram projectors are now available in a variety of different sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, the models differ. So that we can offer the complete range, we have all relevant manufacturers in our portfolio. In addition, we develop special holographic solutions.

Basically there are hologram projectors e.g. for POS, in sizes from approx. 50 cm to 100 cm. Hologram stages can be up to 40 meters wide.

Important is not only the size, but also the desired visibility. Should the hologram be visible 360 degrees or like on a stage only from the front.

Seasonal use

Christmas Hologram Projector

Christmas hologram projectors have been in great demand for several years. On the one hand, for companies that want to decorate for Christmas for their employees and show something special to employees during the soft Christmas season. There are even prefabricated holograms that can be applied. From the fir tree, Santa Claus to snowflakes, everything is possible.

Here it is usually worthwhile to rent the hologram projectors.

Hologram projectors are also very popular for Christmas at home. Since they are mainly used in the evening, there are also inexpensive systems, e.g. from Amazon, which can be purchased here at quite reasonable prices. These are not suitable for professional use in the bright, because here the light intensity and resolution is too low – for home, however, the cheap projectors bring a lot of beautiful atmosphere at Christmas.

Hologram projector Christmas

Free-floating reindeer, twinkling stars, Christmas trees, sugar cookies. Christmas can be so beautiful. In the video you can see a HyperVSN Hologram rotor.

Halloween: ghosts, creeps & lots of spooks.

The Halloween Hologram Projector

Halloween hologram projectors are becoming more and more popular. Emotional effects in amusement parks, special decorations at the POS, eye-catchers in shop windows. Halloween we so diverse and offers plenty of opportunities to excite customers.
Let the ghosts float in the shop window.
We also offer large quantities for special promotions for rent.

Hologram projectors are also very popular at home for Christmas. Since these are mainly used in the evening, inexpensive systems with less luminosity are also available, e.g. from Amazon.

Halloween. Creepy, ghosts, pumpkins.

Halloween can come. When it gets darker outside, the ghosts float through the house. The pumpkins glow. The customers rejoice.


There are countless possibilities to use hologram projectors, to create an eye-catcher, to present your own products, to inspire your customers and to differentiate yourself from the competition.

It is important to choose the right system. There are different systems for different applications. Bigger, smaller, brighter, in combination with real products and in different price ranges.

Are you interested in a hologram projector to use them as an effective eye-catcher at trade fairs, events or in museums?

Then you will find the right offers here. We will also be happy to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive advice so that you can make the most of the huge potential of this technology.

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