Medical 3D Animation

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Bringing research to life.

Healthcare 3D animations show complex issues and medical procedures in a fascinating way.

Thanks to medical 3D animations, you can grow bacteria and viruses to many times their size, open up new worlds to patients through vivid explanations, and convince specialist audiences with impressive presentations of active ingredients.

Complex medical content is made comprehensible through visualization and is used in many areas of application.

Whether as a website animation, for use in social media, as a 3D animation for a congress or even as a video on the doctor’s tablet: 3D animations combine medical expertise with vivid explanations.


Understanding complex things easily
Time saving in patient education
Reach customer groups more easily
Inform doctors in the shortest possible time
Differentiate from the competition

Bacteria & Viruses

Without bacteria, human life would not be possible. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes – most of them are so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye. Thanks to medical 3D animation, we can make the small very big and take the viewer into a whole new world.

Immerse yourself in a world in which it is clearly and understandably shown how bacteria keep the human organism running or how medicines unfold their effect in the fight against diseases.

Use medical 3D animation to present active ingredients and processes in an impressive, comprehensible, exciting and tangible way.

How is a 3D medical animation created?
What is the workflow like?

5 steps to the perfect animation


Customer meeting and development of the creative concept


Storyboard creation


Consultation with specialist department and customers


Creation of 3D medical animation


Revision, optimization and rendering of the animation

We make sure that our 3D medical animations fully meet your requirements.

Feedback and input from our customers is extremely important to us – as no one knows the products better.

In addition, thanks to our medical network, we have the opportunity to consult with physicians and scientists from various disciplines. Because we know: Different points of view lead to the best results!

For more information about 3D animation creation please click here.

Fields of application of the animations:

Patient information
Scientific publication
Product presentation
Trade journals
Social media

Patient Information & Surgery Methods

Medicine encompasses a complex subject area.

The explanations of diagnoses and their treatment methods may leave the patient with a feeling of uncertainty or even fear, because he does not understand the medical explanations in content and effect. This is exactly where healthcare 3D animations provide a remedy:

Complex interrelationships and surgical methods are presented in a comprehensible way with visual and didactic support, so that patients approach the treatment method with more openness. Additionally, 3D medical animation can lead to real time savings in patient education.

Understand facts faster and prevent queries with medical 3D animation!

Thank you for the great feedback.

Statements from our customers

Active ingredients & modes of action

Especially when a new drug is introduced to the market, it is important to identify its mechanisms of action at the cellular and molecular level in the organism. With the help of 3D animations, all steps from drug absorption, distribution via the vascular system to elimination via organs can be visualized. Thus, 3D animations are ideally suited to make your product experienceable and tangible. Transport information innovatively and thus facilitate the communication of content.

Convince trade audiences with 3D animations and present products impressively!

Medical 3D animation is a matter of the heart for us.

Inspire your customers now!

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