Schmidt + Clemens relies on hologram technology

Hologram Technology at ACHEMA – World Forum and Leading International Exhibition for the Process Industry

According to its own description, ACHEMA sees itself as a world forum for chemical technology and the process industry.

Innovation platform and technology summit
Trend-setting industry meeting
Start signal for investment decisions
International network of experts and executives

Around 3800 international exhibitors were represented at ACHEMA 2015, presenting their products, processes and services to an interested audience. Among these exhibitors was S + C (Schmidt + Clemens), which is a leading manufacturer and processor of high-alloy stainless steels and produces pipes and components for the petrochemical industry. For the presentation of its products, at this year’s ACHEMA, S + C opted for hologram technology from Magic Holo and captivated visitors with an innovative 3D hologram.

S + C – company of international standing and world market leader in family ownership relies on hologram technology from Magic Holo

The S + C Group is an independent, owner-managed family business that can look back on more than 130 years of company history. The solutions of S + C are applied in products as well as processes of international customers. With its products for the petrochemical industry, the S + C Group is now the world market leader.

As an exhibitor at ACHEMA 2015, S + C has chosen to present its tubes and components using hologram technology. The team of Magic Holo was entrusted with the realization of this task and succeeded in creating a special highlight as well as a real eye-catcher with a 3D hologram.

Hologram technology makes complex technology tangible

The implementation of the S + C Group project shows in a particularly impressive and clear way what hologram technology is capable of, especially in certain areas of industry. And like hardly any other medium, hologram technology is particularly well suited for the presentation of highly complex interrelationships.

S + C manufactures special pipes for the petrochemical industry that appear relatively inconspicuous from the outside. Inside, however, is highly complex technology that makes these pipes unique products on the market. Magic Holo has succeeded with its trend-setting hologram technology to present this technology with the help of a hologram projection in an appealing and understandable way. In this way, it was possible to provide potential customers with a previously unrealizable deep insight into the technical superiority of the products from S + C and to visualize all USPs in an absolutely unique holographic way.

Hologram technology illustrates complex relationships in an easily understandable way

Fire as 3D hologram
Fire as 3D hologram

In the hologram pyramid Dreamoc XXL 180 was placed a real pipe part of S + C and holographically played around. The real-looking fire heated up the real tube in the hologram pyramid – in this equally innovative and spectacular way, the enormous heat resistance thanks to 3D hologram has been vividly explained and the manifold application possibilities of the tubes visualized in three dimensions.

The heat resistance of this pipe is unique on the market and at the same time speaks for the development competence and know-how of Schmidt + Clemens. With no other technique than a hologram projection it would have been possible to show this characteristic of the product so vividly.

Spectacular presentations with hologram technology – the holography pyramid Dreamoc XXL 180

S+C and Magic Holo have chosen the Dreamoc XXL 180 holographic pyramid for the realization of this special project. This is suitable for use with real products up to 45 cm tall, around which oversized and stunning illusions are created. Due to its back wall and the possibility of shoring, the Dreamoc XXL 180 holographic pyramid is ideally suited for use in high-traffic areas such as trade fairs or shopping malls. There, hologram technology creates an unprecedented wow effect that immediately captivates people.

This was also achieved at Achema 2015, where the use of Magic Holo’s hologram technology was unanimously described by visitors as an absolute highlight of the event. They were absolutely thrilled with the hologram projection. A 3D hologram is not only an eye-catcher, but above all confronts visitors with something completely unexpected. This resulted in a high number of visitors stopping in front of the hologram projection and watching the three-minute 3D hologram. With a classic image or product film, such a result as with the 3D hologram would never have been achieved.

Following this, of course, numerous consultations have also taken place. Countless visitors also filmed the hologram projection and subsequently shared it on social networks. Thanks to hologram technology, the Schmidt + Clemens company was able to not only generate more leads and innovatively anchor itself in the minds of visitors, but also build up a positive image. In addition, thanks to the hologram projection, it was possible to both attract new customers to the company and show existing customers a new, innovative side of the company.

Original quote from Schmidt + Clemens: “The 3D hologram was a complete success!”

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