Touchable Hologram – Fairy Lights Holograms with the Femto Laser:
The future of holography

We have briefly summarized all the important information about the Faire Lights hologram for you here.

Image: Yoichi Ochiai / University of Tsukuba

Japanese researchers have developed a laser that creates a hologram floating freely in the air and provides haptic feedback in response to touch. A brief overview can be found here.

How the holograms are created

A few quadrillionths of a second. That’s how long it takes for the laser developed by Yogi Ochiachi and researchers at the Digital Nature Group to create a hologram. Here’s how it works: The laser shoots pulses, causing the air molecules to ionize. In the process, they emit energy in the form of light spots and condense into a mixture of positive and negative particles called plasma. Before the viewer can even bat an eyelash, he is presented with a free-floating, three-dimensional hologram that he can marvel at from all sides.

Holography to touch

Anyone who touches the hologram called ‘Fairy Lights Hologram’ receives haptic feedback in the form of small plasma pressure waves. These shock waves are perceived as vibrations. In addition, the shape of the femto hologram also changes after touch. This is made possible by a camera mounted under the hologram that registers touches, followed by a pre-programmed response from the laser. For example, a holographic heart can break on touch (ouch), the lettering ‘Love’ can be changed to ‘Hate’ (ouch), or a holographic checkbox can be ticked (yay!).

The advantages and disadvantages of the femtosecond laser hologram


Multi-perspective hologram: The hologram can be viewed from all sides and can be touched from all sides as long as the lens is not covered.

Visible without tools: The effect of Fairy Light holograms is comparable to that of Microsoft’s Hololens – with a decisive advantage. The ‘Fairy Light Hologram’ is completely visible without glasses and can be interacted with without a controller.

High potential: Holographic controls are moving a big step closer to reality with the development of the femtosecond laser. Once the technology is mature, there will be numerous applications: Museums, computer displays….and and!


The size: With a maximum size of one cubic centimeter , the generated laser hologram is tiny and can sometimes only be used for demonstration purposes.

The setup: Before the hologram can be generated, a complicated setup of lasers, mirrors, and cameras must first take place.

Risk of injury: Although the femtosecond laser does not burn the skin on contact like its forerunner, the nanosecond laser, it is still not completely harmless. Due to the glare of the laser , the retina runs the risk of being damaged. Appropriate safety precautions are therefore a must!

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Single pane holograms

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All systems are mainly used as eye-catchers at trade fairs, events or functions. But also museums and industrial companies from different branches use holographic systems to explain complex topics in an easy to understand way.

Quite striking and innovative. And above all, without any additional AR glasses.

An example of a hologram wall

Hologram wall

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Hologram pyramids

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