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Experience magic – holography that inspires

We create your hologram

The perfect holographic solution for all cases.
Worldwide unique (Making of) the special hologram of the Erbschenkenpokal for the Kunsthalle Würth.

We know our systems like no one else. We know what works particularly well and what special features to look out for. Therefore, you are welcome to leave the details to us and look forward to your very own personal holographic display.

With each successive animation sequence, you’ll be amazed at how your company, product and service can be showcased. Take the chance now to inspire and fascinate your customers.

Experience magic – holography that inspires

Our unique holographic displays are perfect for combining physical objects with incredible animation.
The result: an unprecedented visual experience with an impressive stopper effect on passers-by, visitors and customers.
Magic fascinates, arouses interest, invites you to linger and increases your sales. Our DREAMOC displays are currently the best on the market and the only platform to create real 3D magic. Let yourself be enchanted. You will be thrilled!

From the manufactory

How is a hologram created?



Am Anfang steht immer die Idee. Eine grobe Vorstellung, um welches Produkt, Dienstleistung oder Prozess es gehen und wie die Botschaft lauten soll.



Das Storyboard beschreibt und visualisiert die Schlüsselszenen und Inhalte. Auf dieser Basis gehen unsere Motion-Designer ans Werk.



Dank der effektvollen Programmierung, passender Musik und sehr viel Rechnerkapazität erwacht nun die Animation zu Leben.



Die Magie der Animation wird perfekt, wenn ein reales Objekt im Inneren des Systems als Bezug dient. Eine Illusion mit WOW-Effekt, die alle begeistert.

Storytelling on Holographic: Your Key to Success and WOW Effect

We are happy to support you in finding ideas
We will be happy to create a suitable storyboard with you
We will be happy to create your hologram for you in our motion design studio
We stage your product advantages in a surprising and catchy way for your customers
We test the interaction with your real product up to the perfect staging
We round off your hologram with suitable music titles and accentuate the sequence of events
We clearly highlight your USP’s compared to your competitors

Inspire your customers now!

We will advise you which holography system best suits your ideas and products!

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