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High quality 3D visualization is the key to the customer

The first contact. The fascinating eye-catcher. The one picture that says more about you than 1,000 words.

The higher the quality, the more real, the more emotional and above all – the more impressive – the 3D visualization is, the easier it is to present and sell a vision, a new product, a machine to customers or to present a complex process in a comprehensible way.

This is exactly what we have specialized in.
We support many companies from various industries with impressive, photo-realistic 3D visualizations – for a truly innovative product presentation.

Our experienced 3D artists come from a wide range of disciplines and create professional visualizations that are specifically tailored to the ideas and wishes of our customers.

The special thing:
We create everything in our in-house 3D studio – quality made in Germany. Made in Ingelheim.

Daniel Dittrich

Head of Innovation Magic Holo

Fascinating USP’S of 3D visualizations

What is a 3D visualization?
What are the advantages?
What are 3D visualizations used for?
For which industries do we create 3D visualizations?
What is the process of a 3D visualization?
What does a 3D visualization cost?
Definition 3D Visualization

What is 3D visualization anyway?

Using 3D visualization, two-dimensional data is converted into three-dimensional models to create a photorealistic representation of a product and/or environment. Thanks to high-performance computers and the pixel color values calculated with them, it is possible to represent elements such as shadows, reflections and material surfaces that are crucial for fidelity to reality.

Advantage of 3D visualization

What are the advantages of a 3D visualization of Magic Holo?

There are many good reasons to rely on visualizations in general and three-dimensional visualizations in particular. We briefly summarize the most important advantages for you here:

Create atmosphere

Bring your visions to life with 3D visualizations and make them or real products tangible for customers. It is playfully easy to stage your products in the desired atmosphere. Leave a lasting impression on your customers by touching them on an emotional level with an atmospherically composed scenery. Differentiate yourself from competitors with this special staging and fully exploit the potential of marketing your product.
What makes the effect of a well-composed atmosphere? To provide the decisive incentive to buy!
Just ask yourself about this: Doesn’t a product that is atmospherically staged catch your eye more than conventional product photos, pure CAD data, technical drawings, etc.? Of course! Because with the right atmosphere, you will almost inevitably attract the attention of your customers. An atmospheric product presentation Increases the liking of your product – and, at the same time, the willingness to pay of your buyer group.
We skilfully stage the 3D visualization of your product – contemporary, emotional, and creative.

Simple pre-marketing of products

Go beyond the limits of classic photography with 3D visualizations: while still in the planning and production phase, we create your 3D visualization and provide you with advertising materials to pre-market your product. Also the representation of e.g. real estate and machines, which cannot be photographed in their entirety, is made possible thanks to the 3D representation – and that in a reality fidelity, which can hardly be distinguished from classical photographs.
Many customers take advantage of pre-marketing opportunities to obtain special retail space, finalize product catalogs early, or actively sell products into the marketplace. Realize not only early sales opportunities, but also strategic competitive advantages!

Increased advertising recall

We make sure that customers remember your advertising message better. Findings from the research field of consumer behavior prove: customers can remember real objects better than pictures and texts*. Our team prepares your advertising message in a more tangible and interesting way – and thus increases your presence with the customer.
*following: Felser (2015) Advertising and consumer psychology. 4th edition Springer Textbook

Versatile application possibilities

From product development, marketing and sales to fulfilling an educational mission, 3D visualization can be used in a variety of ways to save money and promote sales.

Understanding products. Bringing USPs to life.

3D visualizations for different areas.
All special and unique.

What do you need your 3D visualization for?

Interior design


Real Estate


Pharma and Healthcare


Industry & Plant Engineering


Drinks / Bottle equipment


Marketing & sales documents


From 3D model to finished look


Daniel Dietrich

Phone +49 6132 899 04 217
E-mail: d.dietrich@magic-holo.com


Create 3D visualization.
Creative. Professional. Unique.

How does the creative process work?
What are the typical work steps?
What is the procedure?

Magic Holo creates 3D visualizations for you in a proven, multi-step process. We have outlined the path for you briefly and clearly below.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss initial ideas, just call anytime. We look forward to a personal conversation with you!


4 Schritte zur perfekten 3D Visualisierung.

Just discuss your design ideas with us. Feel free to send us a first, rudimentary drawing, comparable images or even available 2D or 3D data. We sift through everything and prepare it so that in the next step we can create a 3D model of your product exactly as you want it.

You don’t have a ready-made CAD model at hand? No problem! We can also create all the 3D data we need from the material sent to us.

OUR TIP: Before you write us a comprehensive briefing – feel free to give us a call06132/89904-217 shortly beforehand .

Then we clarify the first details and framework conditions already on the phone and can promptly start the implementation.

To achieve a photorealistic representation of your product, in the second step we supplement the created 3D model with the appropriate material surface, add the degree of light reflection and the pixel color values calculated with the high-performance computers.

In the third step, we choose the optimal camera angle that best represents all the advantages, check the photorealistic elements of the 3D model and adjust them until the desired result.

If everything is to your complete satisfaction, the final rendering / 3D visualization will be played out.

During the whole process of creation, we always consult with you and at any moment we compare your ideas with the intermediate status.

In the final step of the 3D visualization creation process, we can render all the frames of the optimally lit and textured 3D model for you and deliver them in the desired quality.

This allows you to view your product in a 360° view and use it in many ways: Whether as a scannable QR code in the product brochure with a link to the 360° view or as an all-round view on your website – we make your product tangible for your customers and help you to stand out clearly from your competitors.

Price 3D visualization

Wie viel kostet eine 3D Visualisierung?

The question of price varies with the amount of work involved in creating an image and thus cannot be answered in a blanket manner. Simple 3D visualizations start at around €1,000. The costs for elaborate visualizations quickly amount to several thousand euros.
What a 3D visualization ultimately costs depends on the following factors:
Image size
Level of detail
Display quality
Type of lighting and realism of the scenery
Equipment and decoration
Time frame provided for the completion of the order
The best thing is to contact us – then we will be happy to prepare a suitable offer for you.

We advise you professionally and show you – based on our know-how and many years of experience in the field of 3D visualizations – the various possibilities to create appealing visualizations.
Whether simplified or complex, in the everyday or high-premium sector – we are your partner for high-quality three-dimensional visualizations.

What makes a good 3D visualization?

In order to achieve the desired wow effect, the emotional level must be addressed in addition to the coherence between the realistic, spatial elements. Our team draws on many years of experience in the creative preparation of your 3D visualization. To create an atmospheric mood, we consider the interplay of light and shadow, the division of the image (for example, according to the golden ratio or the rule of thirds), the depth of field and the matching of colors, among other things, when composing the image.

Storytelling made easy. Communicate benefits nonverbally. Visually stay in the customer’s mind faster.

Using the design elements of your product visualization, you tell your target audience a story that gives context to your advertising message and makes it more approachable.

For example, if you have the goal of selling a property suitable for families with a large garden, the placement of objects such as swings, soccer balls, umbrellas and deck chairs alone will help to nonverbally communicate to your target audience that the garden offers plenty of space and can be enjoyed by parents and children alike. Good 3D views are thus the crucial starting point for conveying the benefits of your product and placing it in a context with long-lasting recall value.

Matthias Mangold

Phone: +49 6132 899 04 210
E-mail: m.mangold@magic-holo.com

Agency 3D visualization. CONTACT NOW.

Haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt?

Then simply get in touch with us! The Magic Holo team will be happy to advise you.
Why you should choose Magic Holo? The top three arguments in favor are:

Langjährige Erfahrung im 3D Bereich
Interdisziplinäres, kreatives Team für multiperspektivische Lösungsansätze
Tiefgreifendes Branchen- und Markenverständnis

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3D Visualization Software

Welche Software/Hardware nutzen wir, um eine 3D Visualisierung zu erstellen?

For the creation of 3D visualizations, our experts use powerful computers and render farms in addition to special software.
In computer graphics, the term rendering refers to the meticulous calculation of individual images.
The time it takes to complete the visualization depends on the level of detail of the design, on the one hand, and on the number of individual images to be calculated, the so-called keyframes, on the other.

The visualizations can be created using a variety of 3D visualization software. The majority of the software is only available under one license model, so the costs amount to several thousand euros – and that per year.
At Magic Holo, we use the professional animation and visualization software Cinema 4D to create the 3D visualizations. As an all-rounder, the software meets any requirements and convinces with impressive results. For special tasks, such as the display of complex surfaces, our experts also work with other visualization programs.

If the framework conditions of the hardware and software for the visualization are met, professional visualization also depends on the skills of the 3D visualizers. At Magic Holo, we employ a variety of creative and experienced 3D visualization professionals who come from a variety of 3D visualization backgrounds. In this way, we can guarantee our customers optimal results.

Inspire your customers now!

We will advise you which holography system best suits your ideas and products!

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