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Hologram Shows – For Highlight Events

Stages hologram in use

Michael Jackson is back as a hologram on stage, Daimler presents the production of the future with a hologram show, FC Bayern Munich organizes the first holographic press conference. Stage holograms – the perfect eye-catcher for large crowds and special highlight products.
Fascinating Hologram Shows!
Imagine – your board of directors interacting with a hologram on a giant stage and presenting your latest product holographically. Spectacular hologram shows fascinate the audience with oversized, breathtaking illusions and are currently among the insider tips in show business.
Hologram stages in any size
5 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters – how big do you want your stage hologram to be? MAGIC HOLO plans, builds and realizes holographic shows completely according to the customer’s wishes – from the first storyboard to the final show.

The possibilities are extremely diverse

Holograms are one of the insider tips for attracting attention. Hologram stages, even with real presenter, bring once again a whole new holographic effect. Hologram press conferences, hologram shows of music stars or stage holograms, e.g. to present the latest vehicle or complex technology – the possibilities are extremely diverse, the fascination for the viewer is unimaginable.

Daniel Dietrich


Production of the future as a stage hologram

The future as high-end visualization.

Visionary paths want to be presented in a visionary way. Complex processes, innovative technologies, completely new forms of collaboration – staging all of this in a spectacular, exciting and captivating way is a big task and often needs a big stage – a holographic stage.

A unique holographic show was developed on over 40 square meters of holographic space and over 60 square meters of stage space.

Daimler is breaking new ground with the production of the future and has impressively underscored this with an unprecedented stage hologram.

Our offers

Hologram stage for rent

Hologram stage

from 29.900,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD

Hologram stage

from 95.000,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD
⊕ Support & Logistik durch Magic Holo Team

An impressive size

40 – 80 sqm of holographic space and 60 – 120 sqm of stage space give extremely ample room for spectacular productions.

Technical specifications of the stages holograms

Size & Weight

Dimensions: all hologram stages are custom made. The stage height is about 4 meters, the width can vary according to your wishes. Stage sizes of up to 120 sqm can be realized.
Weight: Depending on the intended use, the statics of the holographic stages and thus the total weight differs. The exact weights per unit area are calculated individually as part of project planning


Resolution: varies depending on stage size and viewing distance
Sound: All sound systems can be combined in different performance classes

Freedom for creativity

Control light via sound track
Embed 3D holograms
Combine real objects or even entire vehicles with holograms
High tolerance for ambient light due to special high-resolution high brightness LEDs
Bright and sharp image quality

Impressions stages hologram / hologram show

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