Dreamoc 360 XXL

The great hologram projector – The innovation

With this size, it’s no wonder – the DREAMOC 360 XXL quickly becomes a magnet for visitors and the focus of every presentation simply because of its size. Thanks to its 360 degree display, it is almost perfect for standing freely in the room.

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Shopping mall, exhibition, lobby
Meet your customers where you are on the road and wow them with a stunning appearance. Brand awareness in a whole new dimension.
Fair & Shopping Mall
Make the DREAMOC 360 XXL a part of your appearance in your CI/CD. Present yourself in a whole new way. Be ahead of your time. Surprise customers, employees and even open up new target groups. Experience magic in a new dimension.

Wow that’s awesome!

New presentation technologies are great. But does it make sense to use it to present building materials, for example? After all, I don’t sell emotionally charged lifestyle products. I thought it was a bit difficult at first and wasn’t quite so sure at first. But my first thought when I saw my finished hologram was, “Wow – this is awesome!”
I was asked about it from all sides at the fair! We were able to generate leads that I hadn’t even thought of in that way. We have opened up completely new areas and industries.

Heinz miller

Building materials production

Holography & Automotive Innovation

Molecules, viruses, DNA strands. Active ingredients & preparations.

For all marketing experts, it is a challenge to present the product benefits in an impressive way, to make them exciting and tangible.

This is exactly where holography shows its strengths. Make interrelationships 3-dimmensionally experiencable.

Our offers

Dreamoc 360 XXL – Buy or rent


46.100,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD


from 3.850,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ vollständiges Branding nach CI/CD
⊕ Support & Logistik durch Magic Holo Team

Holography & Spirits

A 45-degree angled screen is fed with animations via the monitor, which is positioned from above, creating the holographic effect. The display is only closed towards the back so that the holographic effect can be fully appreciated.

The viewer can see through the holographic pyramid from three sides, which further enhances the spatial effect. The integrated LEDs ensure that the objects on the stage are put in the right light. The light control sort for additional drama. Your content can be easily played back via the built-in player and does not require any further playback technology.

Our selection

The size comparison at a glance

A 45-degree angled disc is played with animations via the monitor placed on top and creates the holographic effect using hologram technology. The display is only closed at the back so that the holographic effect can be fully appreciated.

Technical specifications Dreamoc 360 XXL

Size & Weight

Dimensions: 1778 mm x 1778 mm x 2528 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: approx. 170 kg without packing
Weight: approx. 250 kg per flight case


Resolution: HD 720P per Side
Sound: 5.1 THX surround sound, Mini-Jack
Use: optimized for 24/7
Power: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Video inputs: 1 x CF Card
Video formats: WMV9, MPEG2
Door: lockable

Freedom for creativity

Control light via sound track
Embed 3D holograms
Combine real objects with holograms
High tolerance for ambient light
Bright and sharp image quality
Easy exchange of the real objects

Impressions Dreamoc 360 XXL

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