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World’s first holographic augmented reality display

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A special eye catcher!
New and unseen. The Deep Frame is just as suitable for use at trade fairs or events as it is for integration into museums or exhibitions. If a topic is to be staged in a new way that will attract the public, the unique holographic 3D effect will generate enthusiasm.
What makes the Deep Frame so special?
You don’t need special augmented reality or VR glasses. Just look through the Deep Frame, see a holographic 3D world that seems to float freely in space and at the same time merges with the real environment.
Fair & Completely new possibilities!
Planets, airplanes, trucks, dinosaurs or entire factories – with Deep Frame you can decide for yourself how large and how far away 3D objects should appear in space. The effect is created by the heart of the augmented reality display, a specially developed lens of the kind previously only used in space telescopes.

Deep Frame is new, is different, is impressive !

“Holograms are still among the insider tips in terms of eye-catchers, at events, trade fairs and press conferences. With the Deep Frame you are sure to have a unique eye-catcher. I have been regularly accompanying trade fair projects for 15 years – I have not yet experienced an attraction effect like that created by 3D holography. The fascination on the part of the viewer is unimaginable, and conversations get rolling more easily than I ever thought possible. The Deep Frame is new, is different, is more impressive than almost any other marketing effort.””

Daniel Dietrich

Making exhibitions a new experience.

Exhibits come to life

Set the stage for exhibition space spectacularly? Give visitors a new experience? The Deep Frame makes it possible.

Thanks to the unique augmented reality display, astronauts float through space, archaeological sites come to life and dinosaurs walk through the museum.

The Deep Frame complements your existing exhibition with holographic objects of unprecedented visual quality. Visitors can virtually see through the window into the future or experience places long gone. The unimaginable becomes visible – fiction becomes visual reality.

Whether free-standing in the room or integrated into your installation, the Deep Frame takes visitors on a spectacular journey to unknown worlds.

Show visions.

The window into a new world.

You want to present your product in an extraordinary way and present the unique selling propositions in a visually captivating staging? The Deep Frame is augmented reality in a new dimension.

Many interested parties and customers are often unaware of the complex processes involved in the creation of a modern automobile. Give visitors the opportunity to take a look into this world at trade fairs and events.

A look through the augmented reality display puts the viewer directly in front of the production line, or it is shown up close how industrial robots assemble a high-performance engine with unimagined speed and precision.

The Deep Frame fuses real scenery with the holographic content to create a unique experience.

Our offers

One system multiple possibilities

We can offer your augmented reality display in different basic designs. In addition, we offer the possibility to design the entire room and to install the Deep Frame in such a way that your presentation is in the foreground.

Technical specifications of the Deep Frame

Size & Weight

Dimensions W x H x D
Lens: 1350 x 1350 x 100 mm
Stand: 1466 x 1400 x 920 mm
Assembled: 1466 x 2015 x 920 mm
Lens 50 kg
Stand 20kg
Total weight 70 kg


Distance of the screen to the DeepFrame 800 – 1400mm
Hologram appears to the viewer 50×50 cm to 2×2 km in size
Sound: sound systems can be combined in various performance classes

Freedom for creativity

3D holograms and real world merge
Enhance the emotional effect with sound
Almost unlimited possibilities in the size that appears to the viewer
First Augmented Reality Display
Bright and sharp image quality

Examples Augmented Reality Display Deep Frame

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