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The latest generation of hologram technology – a world first

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Hologram technology – simply fascinating!
Our “space miracle”, the DREAMOC HD3 impresses above all with its compact design and is therefore highly flexible. Not too small and yet space-saving. Perfect for putting your products in the limelight – either integrated into a structural concept or as a free-standing column.
POS. Image. Events.
Whether bought or rented – the DREAMOC HD3 is convincing in any case and provides a real eye-catcher due to the hologram technology!
Inspire your customers at the POS or fascinate your visitors already in the entrance hall with the special features of your products.
You want to present your products in a very special way? You want to stand out from your competitors? Real objects up to 12 cm high fit into the DREAMOC HD3. This leaves enough air for the holographic display to work its magic and surround your product.

Simply impressive!

The effect of the hologram technology totally fascinated me from the first second. Even while watching the demo, ideas spontaneously came to me about what we as a company could do at the POS and how we could stage our products. And indeed – the feedback from the clientele and business partners was simply positive throughout. Staging our quality features in such a way – we would never have thought of this idea. Simply impressive!

Jürgen Schmidt

Children’s book publisher

Hologram Technology & Pharma

Molecules, viruses, DNA strands. Active ingredients & preparations.

A challenge for all marketing experts – and not only for health care marketing managers: to present product benefits in an impressive way, to present them in an understandable way, to implement them in an exciting way and to make them tangible.

This is exactly where hologram technology shows its strengths. Make interrelationships 3-dimmensionally experiencable.

Our offers

Dreamoc 3D – Buy or rent


2399,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ Standfuß
⊕ Flightcase
⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung


from 640,- €

Piece plus. VAT


⊕ Standfuß
⊕ individuelle Hologrammerstellung
⊕ Support & Logistik durch Magic Holo Team

Hologram Technology & Spirits

Spirits, energy drinks, smoothies, juices & water.

Alcoholic or refreshing beverages – the challenge is in the details. Every product manager in the food sector knows that looks matter! Nothing is harder than making a liquid look real in the digital realm. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, spreads when the liquid appears fresh and seemingly by magic out of nowhere and pours into the real glass inside the pyramid.

This is exactly where hologram technology shows its strengths. Via this technology, the optical illusion becomes perfect and all product advantages can be skillfully staged.

Our selection

The size comparison at a glance

A 45-degree angled disc is played with animations via the monitor placed on top and creates the holographic effect using hologram technology. The display is only closed at the back so that the holographic effect can be fully appreciated.

Technical specifications Dreamoc 3D

Size & Weight

Dimensions: 560 mm x 420 mm x 342 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: approx. 18 kg without packing
Weight: approx. 22 kg with packing


Resolution: 1900 x 1024px (FullHD)
Sound: 2 x 10 Watt
Use: optimized for 24/7
Power: 90-264V ~ 50-60Hz
Video inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x SD
Video formats: WMV, MP4, AVI, VC-1
Video formats: MPEG1/2/4, H.264
Door: lockable
Screen: 23″, 16:9

Freedom for creativity

Integrated light controller
Control light via sound track
Embed 3D holograms
Combine real objects with holograms
High tolerance for ambient light
Bright and sharp image quality
Easy exchange of the real objects

Impressions Dreamoc 3D

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