What is the Bleen Holo Projector ?

We are currently receiving many inquiries about the Bleen Hologram Projector. There are reports on the Internet that this device can be used to create holograms in a completely new way.

Here we would like to try to answer most of the questions in a short and understandable way.

Photo © Bleen Inc.

What should the Bleen projector be able to do?

The company advertises that it can project spatial images up to a height of 2.5 meters into the room.
The holographic projections are supposedly created without additional technical aids such as glass, foil, fog or LEDs.

Here the marketing video

The video impressively shows how realistic holograms with a high optical presence and good spatial quality are to be created in daylight.

Attention !!! The video shows only the vision of how everything should work!

The impression is given that complex movements, movies or games can be displayed without problems.

Which company is behind Bleen?

The company Bleen Inc. from San Francisco. The start-up has been working on a 3D hologram projector since 2011.
To realize the project, a kind of crowdfunding project was launched on Indiegogo. However, the targeted sum of over 200,000 euros was never reached. The campaign has been closed since 2014.

Is the Bleen projector available for purchase yet?

No….Thequestion is also whether the projector will be available for purchase. Currently there is no information about a market launch.

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How does the Bleen hologram projector technology work?

Nothing can be found about the technology and how the projector is supposed to work.
Only the design can be seen in pictures and the marketing video. It resembles a futuristic egg, which is supposed to project the hologram upwards into the room.
From our point of view and the current state of the art, the question arises as to how the implementation should take place.

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Are there alternatives to Bleen?

Yes. There are several holographic systems already available today. From smaller systems for retail or POS, to large installations for use at trade shows and events.

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