WACOM presents Bamboo Spark with hologram projector

When innovations meet – WACOM presents the new Bamboo Spark at IFA with a hologram projector from Magic Holo

Every year, the International Consumer Electronics Fair – IFA for short – attracts a wide audience of technology enthusiasts to Berlin with the latest developments in consumer electronics. IFA is considered the absolute highlight in the electronics world and always serves as a stage for the presentation of groundbreaking world firsts. Both renowned manufacturers and young start-up companies will be represented with their exciting new developments in the exhibition halls under the Berlin Radio Tower. This is also the case for WACOM, an innovative and creative company that manufactures pen displays, pen tablets, stylus pens, mobile accessories and software apps.

The Bamboo Spark enables the digitization of handwritten notes

At this year’s IFA, WACOM caused a stir with the Bamboo Spark. This is a particularly innovative product that delights creatives and practitioners alike. The Smart Folio with smart pen and notepad allows handwritten notes to be digitized and stored locally or in the cloud. Not only can they be accessed from anywhere, they can also be easily archived and edited. The great thing is that any conventional notepad is suitable for use with the Bamboo Spark. Simply jot down thoughts and ideas on it, then press a button – and the notes are digitally archived. Technology can be so simple and effective at the same time.

WACOM relies on hologram projector as trend-setting form of presentation

WACOM’s Bamboo Spark and Magic Holo’s hologram projector are two technical innovations that are made for each other. Both manage to amaze the viewer in equal measure and point the way to the future of technology. WACOM recognized this common ground and took full advantage of it at IFA. For example, the company chose a hologram projector from Magic Holo to present the Bamboo Spark innovation product in an equally innovative way.

A customized 3D hologram turned the Bamboo Spark into an interactive eye-catcher

For the Magic Holo creative team, the Bamboo Spark was both a gift and a challenge. On the one hand, it is virtually predestined for presentation with a hologram projector, but on the other hand, such an innovative product also demands the entire skill of the team.
The first step was to develop a suitable storyboard. This was developed by a team of 3D and motion designers, who implemented the hologram with spectacular effects and adjusted everything specifically to the selected hologram projector. The result was a unique 3D hologram, which in combination with the hologram projector was the absolute eye-catcher and crowd puller at the IFA.

With countless advantages scored

The presentation of the Bamboo Spark at the IFA, via hologram projector, was a great success and attracted a large number of visitors to WACOM’s booth. Magic Holo put all its expertise into this project and delivered a more than convincing product on all levels.

All USPs were visualized for the customer in an easy-to-understand and spectacular three-dimensional way – from the first stroke on paper, digitization of the drawing and synchronization with the WACOM Cloud, sharing and further processing via various end devices such as tablet, notebook, Mac, PC to the finished product. The entire process – from the initial idea to the finished product – was holographic and three-dimensional. Thus, it was possible to realize a presentation of the absolute extra class, which absolutely did justice to the product of the customer.

The hologram projector Dreamoc XL2

With its width of 1.17 m, the Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector is not only perfect for integration into stand design, but also as a free-standing column. This makes this system ideal for use at trade shows.

Inside the hologram projector Dremaoc XL2 offers space for real objects up to 24 cm high. These can be stunningly staged and blend impressively with the individually customized 3D hologram. Light and sound effects complement the presentation, creating a unique spectacle that opens up a whole new dimension of product presentation. In this way, products not only become absolute eye-catchers that attract maximum attention, but all the benefits of a product can also be communicated in an easily understandable way. The size of the hologram projector depends on the customer’s product in order to achieve optimal effects. For these reasons, the Magic Holo team chose the Dreamoc XL2 hologram projector to present the Bamboo Spark.

To perfectly round off the presentation experience, the hologram projector was completely branded in the customer’s CI/CD. The actually black hologram projector was completely white foiled for the IFA and accentuated with matching graphics from the booth design. Thus, a comprehensive as well as uniform presentation was realized and the hologram projector was seamlessly integrated into the overall design.

Hologram projector / eye catcher / visitor magnet

The use of the hologram projector at the IFA was a complete success and inspired WACOM as a customer of Magic Holo as well as the visitors of the fair. They were highly impressed by the way the Bamboo Spark was staged using 3D holograms. The reactions of visitors and booth personnel at the IFA speak a clear language and confirm the creative approach.

The three minutes long hologram together with the hologram projection was the perfect eye catcher at the fair. The response from visitors was extremely positive and exceeded expectations. The unique look of the hologram captivated just about everyone who passed by WACOM’s booth and caused countless amazed faces. Just how great the fascination that emanated from this 3D hologram really was is evidenced by the countless videos created by visitors that were shared via the various social networks.

However, the presentation of the Bamboo Spark by means of a hologram projector was not only an attention-getting eye-catcher, but also ensured that above all the product benefits were understood. Because the comprehensible, striking and highly innovative way of presenting complex technical contexts is another great advantage of hologram projectors, in addition to generating attention and long memory values. This resulted in a high number of interested visitors, numerous new contacts, many consultations and extremely positive customer feedback.

Conclusion WACOM: “A great eye-catcher – worked brilliantly”.

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